Who We Are
We are a global plastic raw material manufacturer and distributor company that specialist in crystalline and amorphous engineering thermoplastics.  The portfolio of our products from Nylons, PC, PPS to PEEK. 

We are capable of meeting up with the specific needs of the client by offering them customized products as per their requirements.

MOLAN Plastics has become an important link between the China plastics processing industry and producers all over the world. We prides itself on building long-lasting relationships that result in successful business practices.

ZOVGOV filament is informed by our fill understanding of the industry. We know how important 3D printing is and how it can influence the develpoment of various fields. We want to share our knowledge and experience.

Custom plastic from China supplier
​What We Offer
The direct supply, from the producer to the user company, allows us to have competitive and stable prices offering a complete service from sales to logistics. Our offer, diversified both by type of granule and by manufacturer, is able to satisfy every production requirement. 
plastic OEM-specified grades
​Why Choose Us
high temperature plastics injection molding
PEEK semi-finished materials

Materials Selection

Customers rely on our deep knowledge of plastics to help select the most economical plastic that meets or exceeds all of their requirements.

One Stop Shop

We offer the broadest portfolio of high performance and ultra-polymers in order to service virtually any critical application on the globe.

prime resins,  reprocessed pellets
standard off-the-shelf plastic

Inventory Management

Between local warehousing and various stocking programs, we offer Just-In-Time delivery to help our customers manage inventory.

Volume Flexibility

From 25kgs to FCL, we allow for maximum flexibility with minimum order quantities.