Guangdong Molan Plastic Co., LTD focuses on customized R&D, production and sales of plastic raw materials and plastic semi-finished products

Exported to North America, Europe, Japan, Southeast Asia, South Korea, Russia and other countries

Thank you for visiting Guangdong Molan Plastic Co., LTD! We adhere to the development concept of "Efficient nnovatin" and closely link scientific research and innovation with production and application. MOLAN focuses on modified composite materials. It has more than 50 kinds of base materials, such as flame retardant, lubricating, wear-resistant, thermal conductivity, and UV resistance, and more than 2000 types of special modified engineering plastics mature formula, including structurally enhanced conductive anti-static and electronic shielding (EMI) (UV) , graphene reinforcement, carbon nanotube reinforcement, vulcanization, whisker reinforcement, PTFE augmentation, magnetic wave absorption modification, long (short) carbon fiber reinforcement, long (short) glass fiber reinforcement, nanoplastic, adjusting the density of high and low specific gravity, high temperature resistance, laser direct molding, magnetic detectability, spray-free plastic and special high-temperature color matching materials, etc., providing customers with a broader space for material selection.

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