Infrared PEI resin increases bandwidth capacity
Time:2023-08-30 14:59:57    Hits:297

IR PEI is an integrated single-mode fiber optic lens array for wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) modules. The wavelength division multiplexing module can simultaneously transmit light waves of different wavelengths on one optical fiber, which significantly improves the bandwidth capacity.

No Secondary Processing, Cost Reduction & Efficiency Increase


IR PEI enables the integrated molding of connectors (previously metal) and receiving lens arrays (previously glass), and is also used to produce housings for WDM components. By integrating components to avoid secondary processing, IR PEI helps reduce the application cost of single-mode WDM communication technology. This integrated WDM module not only saves cost, but also simplifies the manufacturing and assembly process compared to making individual components out of glass or metal.


The optical lens array product of this wavelength division multiplexing module complies with Telcordia GR-468 optoelectronic device performance standard. This simplified, economical component is expected to further expand the scope of the emerging technology of single-mode wavelength-division multiplexing fiber, allowing data transmission over longer distances and more energy-efficient than multimode systems.


Support Mass Production


Wavelength division multiplexing is a key technology to improve fiber performance. It increases bandwidth by transmitting data streams of different wavelengths simultaneously on a single fiber optic network. In addition, compared with traditional technology, especially for long-distance communication, wavelength division multiplexing technology is a more energy-saving data communication scheme. IR PEI supports integrated design, simplifies production, and can replace traditional materials with higher system costs, thereby realizing WDM optimization.


IR PEI is suitable for single mode optical fiber transceiver lens. Compared with aspheric glass lenses, it has greater design freedom, supports rapid mass production, and assembles without secondary grinding and polishing. In terms of performance, PEI has high near-infrared transmittance (up to 88% in the wavelength range of 850-1550 nm), high refractive index and wide temperature range (- 40°C to 85°C ) excellent dimensional stability to help ensure alignment with singlemode fiber. PEI also has high mechanical strength and good dimensional stability, and is suitable for the production of miniaturized, multi-channel components, so as to meet various performance requirements of the WDM module of Blu-ray Smart Technology during the assembly process.